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Digital technology is now beginning to dominate children's learning activities both for science, humanities and arts and culture. Including painting and coloring activities where children can use gadgets and then print the results.

Dwiki Nugroho Mukti, an activist from one of the Surabaya art communities, Serbukayu, parents should still provide a portion for their children to use analog stationery (with a pencil or a brush). Because methods of learning, drawing and coloring with analog techniques based on research are actually more able to make children more creative, expressive and confident.

In order to celebrate National Children's Day Premier Place Hotel collaborated with Serbukayu to held a Painting Workshop with a Cutting Board. Located in Asmaya Hall, the event was attended by 30 children aged 3-10 years accompanied by their mothers.

"Premier Place is very concerned with activities involving children and cultural arts. And with this activity it will certainly be very good for the formation of children's character in the future. "Added Sheila Ardilla, Marketing Communication of the Premier Place Hotel.

Serbukayu brought three teams to help the children in making drawings, mixing color paint to the finishing process and coloring on the cutting board as a medium. The resulting picture was very diverse, houses, rice fields, flowers to the mountains. Not only that, the mothers also get activities while waiting for the child to finish their painting with Food Art Decoration (collage). The mothers were asked to stick to materials consisting of vegetables, various raw crackers and other raw materials in accordance with the sketch given.

"Events like this are really needed for my child to practice his soft skills. As a counterweight to hard skills (science)" said Adhit Andrea, mother of two children who participated in the event.

Children's paintings are the media to express their opinions, in which there are a thousand meanings that are not possessed by parents. Happy National Children's Day!

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