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Flower arranging may look easy, but it's something that comes with practice and a little know-how, even though in fact becoming a florist can be a huge career shift for a lot of people, but it also provides you with a unique role that can help you express your creativity. In addition, the fact that being a millennial generation is required to be always creative and innovative in many ways. Of course, to make ourselves more developed according to the skills we form and smart to see an opportunity, such as the Flower Bouquet Business which has been mushrooming in recent years.

The workshop was attended by 25 participants consisting of various backgrounds such as senior elementary school, college student, house wife, entrepreneur and also a family who have event decoration business.

Each participant was provided with supporting tools such as ribbons, scissors, insulation, paper wrap and choice of flowers ranging from local to import such as eucalyptus silver dollars, semi Holland peach roses, snapdragon, Pink lily to chrysanthemum (Jimba Single Flower).

Rustic Korean Bouquet. Although it looks simple, but Rustic Korean Bouquet still has its own beauty and is not inferior to flower bouquet in general. Another interesting thing is Sekarmila Florist combines Rustic Bouquet techniques with wrapping techniques and flower designs from Korea

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