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Ramadhan is the holy month that is filled with togetherness and sharing. Premier Place Hotel is pleased to share that Hair Cuttery is partnering with Madass Salon By Ndaru to continue our annual Ramadan project. This year theme was “Cut the Hate and Share the Love” an event that allows for hundred of elderly to receive free haircuts, breaking the fast and get together at UPTD Griya Werda Surabaya on Thursday June 7th 2018.

It started with haircut for elderly parents, continued with Banjari performance by beloved elderly parents and breaking the fast together at the end of the event. On that occasion, the General Manager and Management of Premier Place Hotel also attended the event.

“It’s one of the beauties of Ramadan. We all share haircut, food and happiness. Whatever we have, whatever you have, we put them all together.” Nila Apricya Kolondam, General Manager.

All management and staff were excitedly organized this first Ramadhan charity that held outside the hotel. The event ended by giving some gifts to the elderly. Hopefully this charity event will be beneficial and bring blessings to all of us.

“Its first activity get our elderly parent ready for Eid and kind of have activities so they can have a fresh haircut for Eid and they was very pleased with the results” said Bagus Priyo Budi Utomo, Staff of UPTD Griya Werda Surabaya

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